Jennifer Ho ♦ Videos

One Day With Noc (2015)

We decided to record a day in our life — starting to build Tavolo, getting filmed for a TV slot, a Friday night at the coworking space we spent much time at, and a house party.

One Second a Day

Since 2016, I have enjoyed recording snippets of my life and compiling them into one big video at the end of the year. Some clips really are only one second long, and some clips are a little longer — which is to explain that one second a day is a very loose framework for this ongoing project to capture some of the ordinary, special things that have happened in my life.

Goodbye VanMoof (2018)

When I decided to quit my job, I knew that I couldn't just leave quietly in the background. I wanted to pay homage to a company that had taught me a lot, to the people who made being there fun, and to one of my favourite TV series.