New Amsterdammer Handbook

I moved to Amsterdam in 2016 and, since then, have been keeping notes on two things: how to move here, and how to live here. The first is about official matters, logistics, and how to find an affordable bedroom in a houseshare. The second is about navigating day-to-day life. What is happening in the city? What’s the best way to save money on museums, theatre, music, and movies?

In the past, I’ve been used to sending newcomers a private link which was then shared around. I had only intended it to be 'single-use', so now it’s online for people to checkout.


Local is an education technology platform that gamifies civic participation and empowers students and educators to amplify their social impact in their communities.

For demo purposes, I built the first prototype of Local with Ruby on Rails and vanilla HTML and CSS. On top of this, we extended it with a small API so we could leverage scraped data of relevant events across Brooklyn.

VanMoof Blog

This is a project I was part of when I was a full-time employee of VanMoof, an e-bikes company.

In late 2017, I was given a project that combined my passion for stories and platforms. For a slower marketing venture, we wanted to produce evergreen content on the topic of cities and cycling to position ourselves as a leader in that space. As lead editor, I worked with local writers to create positive longform content, and commissioned artists to bring their stories to life.

The platform was designed and developed by a third-party agency with comprehensive feedback. (I hope that my experience as a developer, made that feedback a little easier to understand!)

VanMoof Outlet

This is a project I was part of when I was a full-time employee of VanMoof, an e-bikes company.

I coordinated two online outlet sales, bringing together multiple teams across the company on tight deadlines. I was responsible for connecting the platform we used, Shopify, to our own financial (Adyen) and warehousing (Odoo) systems, as well as: streamlining processes like handling cancellations and refunds; making the online shop clear and responsive for mobile users; and allowing customers to purchase an add-on accessory, warranty, on a small set of bikes through some templating hacking. This modification accounted for 5% of €1,5 million revenue over two years.


I don’t write publicly as much as I (apparently) should. I like to proofread and edit though — making sure messages are clear and consistent.

In 2016, I interned for a media compay in the tech space. I started with posts highlighting new startups in so-and-so space (like fintech and renewable energy), then my colleague and I initiated an interview series where we talked with early-stage startup founders. We wanted to hear about their approach, their strategy, and their drive. Like this one, a profile on Polarsteps which reached 20,000 users on a zero dollar marketing budget: A Dutchman sails across the Atlantic and innovates travel logging.

  • ‘CIMIC in missions and operations: reflections on history, current affairs, and perspectives’, by Wessel Toonen for the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (2017).
  • ‘Brave new world: telecommunications data in detecting and prosecuting crime and the right to privacy’, by Artemis Chatzistavrou in Europe in Crisis: Crime, Criminal Justice, and the Way Forward (2017).
  • ‘The impact of the international arms trade on the relations between Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia from 1991’, by Nikolaos Chatzistavrou for MA Modern Middle Eastern Studies at the Universiteit Leiden (2016).
  • ‘The impact of the discursive constitution of computer security on (national) security policymaking in the Netherlands’, by Max Geelen for MSc Crisis and Security Management at the Universiteit Leiden (2015).
  • ‘The impact of entry regulation on supporting innovative entrepreneurship during 2007-13’, by Matteo Consonni for MSc Public Administration at the Universiteit Leiden (2015).
  • Commissioned and edited long-form articles for VanMoof (2017-18).
  • Copywriter and content marketer for The Next Web, a tech media company, and associated companies (2016-17).
  • Copywriter for Noc Lab, a social meetup platform with Universiteit Leiden (2015-16).
  • Pitch editor for Perfocal, a photographer-on-demand service (2015).
  • Editor for student newspaper, The Mancunion, and magazine, Manchester Historian (2012-14).
  • Copyediting intern for Manchester Confidential (2012-13).
  • Big Data for Peace Summer School Blog (2015).
  • Archives+ — local history at Manchester Central Library (2014).